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Chester Yow

Chester Yow

Highly experienced in the Real Estate industry and leader of The Yow Team, Chester is a passionate individual that specializes in High-End Residential Condo and Co-op sales and leasing, Multi- and Single-Family Homes, New Sales, Site Acquisitions, and Investment Sales. Prior, Chester worked with a top broker; starring in Million Dollar Listing New York featured on Bravo TV, and assisted the team in attaining Top 5 Sales Team Nationwide from 2015 - 2017 as ranked on Wall Street Journal. Chester has garnered an excellent reputation among the real estate industry in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and the Hamptons.

He has been heavily involved in new development/new construction projects which includes The Eden (Coming Soon) in Long Island City (75 units - $55MM sell-out), Manhattan View at MiMA 460 West 42nd Street (147 unit - $400MM sell-out), W Hotel & Residences 123 Washington Street (223 units - remaining units over $20MM), The Gibraltar 160 West Street (14 units - $16MM sell-out), Ispica Astoria 25-63 38th Street (6 units - $6MM sell-out), 531 11th Street (3 units - $5MM sell-out). Chester is involved from pre-development to sell-out from pricing, unit-mix, finishes, layouts, etc.

The Yow Team also represents a rental portfolio of over 200 units at 123 Washington Street, 120 Boerum Street, 63 Schermerhorn Street, 16-26 Madison Street (The Mill), 50 West 86th Street (The Gimbel Mansion), 151 Tompkins Avenue (co-living apartments - 18 units), 628 Knickerbocker Avenue (co-living apartments - 18 units)

Born in Singapore, Chester grew up in a culturally diverse environment and was exposed to many cultures and ethnicities. Thus, in addition to English, he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese. At the age 18, Chester served in the Singapore Armed Forces for a period 2 years in the Commando Unit and graduated in Basic Airborne. This has helped him withstand high levels pressure, and an immense level critical thinking, decision-making and attention to detail to execute tasks flawlessly. His biggest experience was helping citizens during Hurricane Sandy in areas in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island.

He spends his free time traveling, exploring new restaurants, enjoying the benefits the city has to offer and taking care of his two dogs; an Australian Shepherd and American Eskimo. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities to buy, sell or rent in New York City, you can rely on him to provide the absolute highest service, passion and results.

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拥有对房地产买卖有极大的热情和非常丰富的经验的 Chester,对高档产权公寓,合作公寓,的买卖和租赁,独立屋,多家庭独立住宅,新开发住宅以及投资性住宅的买卖、租赁都有非常丰富的经验。 在加入 之前,Chester曾在Bravo电视台制作的《纽约百万豪宅》(Million Dollar New York)电视房地产明星Ryan Serhant的团队里工作,并且帮助团队一跃成为《华尔街日报Wall Street Journal》评选的2015-2017年美国前五名销售团队之一。 Chester非常频繁的与开发商,投资商,买卖房的客户合作,并在房地产交易领域中获得了相当高的声誉。

Chester 出生在新加坡,生长在文化多样的环境当中,从小就接受多元的种族和不同的文化的熏陶。因此, 他可以流利的使用英语,普通话和广东话与客户沟通。 在他18岁的时候, Chester作为突击队单元在新加坡武装部队服役,并毕业于Basic Airborne。

不论您是在纽约找好的投资机会, 买房,卖房或是希望出租您的房产,Chester都是您可以信赖的人。 他会用他十分的热情和最专业的水品为您提供让您满意的服务。