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Zac Mostame

Zac Mostame

Zac Mostame is a born and bred Persian real estate prodigy who has come from a long line of real estate expert family. Having lived internationally (including America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific), makes him multilingual in English, Persian, German, Bahasa and Pidgin.

Zac keeps his fingertips on the pulse of the international real estate market, priding himself in providing first-class customer service and a constant commitment to hard work and persistent follow through. He provides incredible opportunities for building relationships with clients and more and more importantly retaining those relationships through effective communication.

Personal best experience:

Considering his excellent trades as a Sales and Marketing Manager he took a part in the pre – opening of the first Hilton Hotel in Papua New Guinea.

He also finds absolute delight in working with people from all walks of life. He has worked alongside Prime Minister’s, Presidents and politicians from 21 member countries and some of the most dynamic, fastest, growing economies in the world during the Asia Pacific Economic Coordination Forum.

Zac not only inspires a distinctive approach to real estate and mindset, but he also encourages an overall pursuit of a healthier, fuller lifestyle full of tangible achievements.


When he isn’t helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, he enjoys training at the gym, meeting new people, listening to audio books, and constantly checking on the real estate market to maintain an up to date knowledge.

Zac makes it his utmost priority to learn about his clients’ interests and long/short term goals in order to help identify their perfect home or investment. He is devoted to producing the best results and exceeding his clients’ expectations.There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your clients’ happy right? Most of the people in this field would definitely agree on this.